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Thread: deleting game soon

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    deleting game soon

    It's been such a long time that I am unable to load the game AT ALL. It used to happen with me during every tourney/event/tale for a day but not more. This time I am able to play only once in I think 2 weeks time. If this continues to happen I will delete this game for forever. I might not be a player worth having in ur eyes since I don't buy gold and spend real earned money so it won't be an issue for ur guys to loss a player from millions. I would definitely miss the game but can't bear this headache of constant failures and game not loading at all. Used to be one of my most fav game.
    Island Name:-RainForest
    Other games I play:-
    Bakery Story 2,Restaurant Story,Fashion Story and Bakery StoryDragon Story is my most fav. Right now working on diamond hybrids and any good dragon that came along.

    Feel free to add me on any and all games

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