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    Hi. Can someone share with me how to create alicorns? When I got to Market-Nature-Animals-Alicorn, on the alicorn icon there is a box sign that says it could be crafted. But I don't know how. I am at stage 45. Will be 46 soon. I checked in the discussions and couldn't find any relevant link.

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    The only way to craft an alicorn is if you have the Love Shack. It was released in a Valentine's event in 2013.
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    is it not in mythic research center (from trade wagon) as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavenderdale View Post
    is it not in mythic research center (from trade wagon) as well?
    The original, white Alicorns that are for purchase in the market for 600 gems and drop 40 energy once per week are the ones that can only be crafted in the Love Shack.

    The MRC has Glimmer Alicorn (cap 1), Armored Alicorn (cap 4) and the Unicorn (cap 4) available; all of which are daily collections and drop random amounts of energy from 4-100.

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    Someone said you can breed them where do you do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustybullets View Post
    Someone said you can breed them where do you do that?
    No you cannot breed anything in Castle Story. As above, without the special building released in 2013 you can only purchase white alicorns in the market which drop 40 energy weekly. Other alicorns can be crafted or won in various other places as stated above.

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    Also the Black Friday sale coming up usually has several kinds of alicorns at a reduced gem rate, so you may want to check that out in a couple of weeks.
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    You may also purchase Rainbow Alicorns at the Elven Rune Market. Not sure if there is a limit on this as it does not say so in the market.

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    thank you all. i was able to collect candy alicorn (Halloween event), one purple alicorn and one armored alicorn from MRC. they mostly drop 4 energy for me. Once i got a 100 from candicorn. Hope thety drop more in the coming days.

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