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Thread: Castle Story event 7/12 - The Fabled Fawn Storybook event | The Meadow Wolf

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    The simple answer to not being able to ask for more keys is ask EVERYONE for keys. Just because you only need 5. Ask everyone. Today I asked everyone except Stormy in case I get the 19 problem. Yesterday I was stuck on 18 but got the last one shortly before I was going to sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    YeeHaw! Used my keys to open the Deluxe Chest & got 2 silver & 2 gold coins.(not my first but the best results so far) So the craft a gold coin got ticked off! Just need 1 more silver. Dilly ⚔️ Dilly!!

    Sorry to hear about your troubles, bingo! S8 requesting system has turned into a nightmare for a lot of players.
    Today everything worked out for me but I'm sure I'll be in that boat eventually if S8 does nothing to clear this mess up.

    And, btw, didn't S8 at one time up the allowable answered requests to 25 sometime back because of so many players getting stuck at 19? Or am I remembering that wrong?
    ding! this rings a bell! yes.. where did the 25 go?
    however.. best to use as many keys as you can and not to have leftovers. seems when you have keys in your inventory u're not getting your full day's share.. only what's missing to total 20.
    at least.. that's what happened to me.
    I've crafted all but one.. I'll see what happens tomorrow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manu90ela View Post
    Can someone please explain how this storybook events work? what happens if I can't complete the first task (collect from 4 market places) in the first day? is there a task for every day? I read somewhere that someone gemmed the "collect from market places" and couldn't go ahead because he would have to wait for the next day to do the next task. Sorry it is the first time that I participate in such an event and it is a little bit confusing.
    so let's say it takes me 4 days to complete the first task. do I also have to wait for the day after to do the next one? or can I complete all the tasks of the first 4 days afterwards?

    Thanks for the help!
    It appears S8 is now using the same event format here, as currently used in Dragon Story. So even though there is a “daily goal” (like 4 Marketplaces) if it takes several days, the other days’ worth will appear without an extra 24 hour wait As The Event Progresses. So, If Day 3 of an event hasn’t occurred, (i.e. this is Day 2 of the event), you can’t gem ahead. This kind of confusion is why I quit paying for event perks in Dragon Story; now S8 is messing up THIS game (yes, I had already purchased this event package, and even though I got 20 keys, the counter STILL didnt work. sigh.). So S8 isn’t going to get me to purchase any more gems, or event perks, for Castle Story since they brought the glitchy buggy code format from another game here. And why oh why couldn’t they do some advertising for the new format instead of constant “Clue Bingo”? P.S. Storm8, if I haven’t been enticed to download after 6 months, you are wasting my time, which makes me even less inclined to spend real $. Dragon Story forces me to go through up to 10 screens at login (and I play 4 accounts since I am disabled & my entertainment budget is on gaming) which turns me off so much I dont pay there anymore. Hopefully Castle Story won’t morph into Dragon Story.
    And everyone beware—-in Dragon Story, this event format allows ya to do certain things ahead of time, but it doesn’t always work. So be extremly careful. For example, yesterday, when 2 account counters showed less than 20 keys, the software storyline jumped to the next item (where the Baron talks about coins, and you are supposed to make a 5 key Bronze chest). Since I had just checked my counters and they definately weren’t at 20, I assumed I could make the 5 key chest ahead of time, similar to what we can do in Dragon Story. So I made (but didnt collect, you can’t collect, you just can make ahead and have sitting to be collected, in Dragon Story) the 5 key bronze chest on my remaining 2 accounts. One of those accounts never registered the 20 keys. So I missed on crafting from keys on 2 accounts. However, one of those accounts opened this AM with 22 keys! And I could send requests to everyone again. So their “key-related” software is definately messed up, since others have reported they lost keys overnight. Sigh. I guess the universe is telling me not to spend $ online gaming lolololol since things don’t work. I also play War Dragons and the devs there will give mass gifts to everyone when events are especially screwed up, but I have yet to see S8 offer anything. And I been gaming online with S8 games since 2009.
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    I haven't got this coin craft goal in my goal book at all. And I've already crafted the first premium chest (means I got my first 20 keys). Todays community key goal just stayed there and now it says 2/20 because I got another two keys after the first 20.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceglimmer View Post
    The goal isn't appearing daily.

    My Meadow Wolf daily goal still has not appeared for me today. I take by S8 silence that it isn't going to be addressed today. Doesn't seem right to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garysafb2 View Post
    My Meadow Wolf daily goal still has not appeared for me today. I take by S8 silence that it isn't going to be addressed today. Doesn't seem right to me.
    And it's a Friday so they'll have 2 weekend days of silence too. 🙄
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthWoodsKingdom View Post
    I think I know where some of the confusion lies.... and I got confused yesterday, thinking they were the same goal line but they're not.

    There are TWO goals in our books with the SAME DANG NAME!

    There's the 6-parter called The Meadow Wolf which lasts 10 days that I responded to kindefarm about yesterday:
    Attachment 45736
    Attachment 45734

    ..and then there's the DAILY goal...also called The Meadow Wolf with only ONE step: get 20 keys (can't imagine HOW we're getting confused, lol)
    Attachment 45735
    Attachment 45737

    When the day resets for S8 at midnight Pacific time, any keys that come in from the previous day's request counts for your current day when you log in (it's counting keys in inventory that weren't used the previous day) so that's why some folks' daily goal is autocompleting, cuz you already have 20+ keys in inventory.
    Guess we need to USE our daily keys cuz if they build up over 20 by the next day, we can't ask for more unless we have less than 20 in our inventory when that Daily goal pops up...

    Lol, did that make sense to anyone AT ALL?? LOL

    Shouldn't the Daily Goal be called Community Chests?
    Whyyyyyyy give the same name to 2 separate book goals, S8???!
    That's only compounding the confusion that this event established right out of the gate, with there being no explanations about anything in the game. LOL
    I feel sorry for the poor folks who don't visit the forum, sheesh.
    I don?t have that goal.... only daily, and now that?s gone because I got 20 keys today....


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    This is so frustrating! I have one Community key but have no idea how to ask for more. I've searched all the usual avenues with no luck. I wish I'd never started this goal as there is no way I can complete it at this rate. Can anyone tell me how to ask my lovely neighbours for more keys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bensbakery2005 View Post
    This is so frustrating! I have one Community key but have no idea how to ask for more. I've searched all the usual avenues with no luck. I wish I'd never started this goal as there is no way I can complete it at this rate. Can anyone tell me how to ask my lovely neighbours for more keys?
    We will look into a fix for this issue ASAP.

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    After the ten farm houses you need to go to the library. Then you need to go to the library again to find the fawn book. I had 3 libraries out and needed all three. Now the next part is closed.
    For 12 hours
    I am also writing down who responds to my key requests and those who requested so I will know who to send requests to in the future. I hope the info helps a little
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    S8 please remove cap on level

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