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Thread: Castle Story event 7/12 - The Fabled Fawn Storybook event | The Meadow Wolf

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    Sorry for the repeat. Two great minds!

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    I imagine that everyone has plenty of the flowers and sap at this point.
    But just in case, everyone should make sure they have 10 of whichever one they need for the alifawn of their choice before completing day 10.
    It has been reported that the trees and flowers stop dropping flowers and sap after completion of the goals.
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    It is a shame about all the wood coins we could have collected to enable us to get another Meadow Wolf using the least amount of gems if needed at the end. I surely would have had 1, possibly 2, more gold coins. I am trying to be positive in thinking that this was an unforeseen glitch in the game. I hope this will be remedied very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LavaMagic View Post
    Does anyone know if a level 6 Pirate Tavern will count for Chalter 8 Goal 3?
    Saw this asked a couple times but didn't see an answer so I tested it when I got to that goal.

    Sorry to say that a level 6 pirate tavern does NOT count. It has to be the regular one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melany77 View Post
    How many wolves did you have to fight to find the missing page? I keep fighting them but no page found. I thought I only needed to fight one last wolf at this point. I?m on the last goal of day 9. Thanks
    I wasn?t counting so I am really not sure. It wasn?t many though. I would say 10 at the most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonVillage3 View Post
    I've just completed chapter 9 too and in waiting period for Day 10.. BUT.. I'm still receiving coin drops from farm houses/ cottages/ trees/ flowers and have also spawned a meadow wolf.
    Have you tried restarting game to see if drops/spawns continue?

    For who's interested.. the missing page appeared on 4th wolf defeated and autocompleted.
    Force closed my game and I am still getting neither meadow wolves nor coins from the trees and flowers. Looks like another mistake on this very poorly designed event. S8 should have let the Sabina update roll on for 2 weeks and forgotten about this one. Obvisouly they are getting overwhelmed. In general, I like storybook events and always have. This one was not well thought out though.

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    Frustrating is a nice word for this event. I've lost track of how many days I've been stuck on chapter 6. I finally have 19/20 wolves defeated so maybe I'll make it to through that soon and I'm ready to breeze thru the next 2 chapters but it always makes me nervous to have only one day to complete the last chapter on these. That almost never works out without spending gems. Im not sure S8 wants me to fill out the survey this time. This is, by far, the WORST event they've ever had in the 3 years I've been playing .. and there have been several before this.

    On a more positive note .. I really appreciate this forum. I can always count on everyone to give awesome tips that have definitely helped me complete things. I owe everyone a big Thank You for posting everything here!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessCelestian View Post
    So I just completed chapter 9. It?s the first one I have completed early because it?s not an easy one to control on when you finish. WHY do the coins stop dropping from the trees and flowers at this point?!?!?!? The meadow wolf goal is a DIFFERENT goal line and what we need to finish that should continue dropping irrespective of whether or not a storybook chapter is open.
    The farmhouses still give coins. I haven?t tried cottages yet. With the random delivery of the missing page I thought it would be better to finish chapter 9 and miss out on coins rather than delaying the start tomorrow. I don?t think I?ll get a second wolf but I?ll keep trying

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    I have been on Chapter 9 of 10; Goal 1 of 3 all day and am still at 10/15 Meadow Wolves . I have spawned boars and skunkupines in ridiculous amounts rendering completing this event nearly hopeless. I will persevere one more day, but now I am behind On a happy note I did at least get one Meadow Wolf whom is truly magnificent in design.

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    I am soooooo sad...bought all 3 packs, and still dont have even 1 wolf, on one account (i play 4) . This one isthe “messed up keys” on Day 1 account. (My other 3 started OK, just the one didn’t). Drops of coins, and spawning of the Correct monsters, is not happenning. I just ran 6 sunflowers and 5-6 (forget how many this account has) meadow trees, and got Zero coins but a Fangbeast spawn. I got 5-6 cottages, 10-12 farmhouses, and alicorns plus wizard obervatory. With all that extra energy, and given I am currently sick in bed so a captive audience, I can play almost nonstop for 8 hrs daily. For $25 I dont even get a sidebar task Meadow Wolf! (Plus I also used gems to speed up Tavern build to lvl 6 on 3 of the accts) Let alone the Event prize! (IMO if you buy all 3 event packs plus play 6-8 hours a day, you OUGHT to be able to get the prize. Sigh. I guess Storm8 just lost a paying customer....I quit spending $ on Dragon Story because the events started messing up, near constant resets, the devs are bringing this format to Castle Story. Waaah! I don’t mind spending $20 for a prize I like, but to buy all the packs, play all the time, and you get ZERO? Hmmm, think it’s time to review this game warning others. )

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