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Thread: Castle Story event 7/12 - The Fabled Fawn Storybook event | The Meadow Wolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverly View Post
    Still trying to find an answer to my question. While you are in Chapter 7, are you getting wolf to spawn?
    I am in between 7 & 8 and just got wolf from farmhouse - waiting for chapter 8 to open

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    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEe let there be a poll after the event!!! i will make it as negative as possible. absolutely inhuman levels of wolf spawns. like zero. I feel like i'm rolling a zero sided dice trying to win the game. pointless.

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    In the last 36 hours, I've harvested so many Meadow Trees and Sunburst Flowers that I've long since hit the cap of 99 on both Meadow Sap and Sunburst Blooms. But I've only gotten 16 Meadow Wolves, 27 Meadow Pelts, and 8 Meadow Wolf Fangs. This means that even if I somehow get the 35 wolves needed for Chapters 6 and 9, I won't have the 70 pelts needed in Chapter 9. I give up.

    I'll keep harvesting to get wood coins (since the Community Keys neighbor system is broken too, I can't get enough keys to craft chests for coins). But there's no way to get the Fawn even though I've invested huge numbers of feasts, swords, and other materials. This is not fun any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonVillage3 View Post
    Meadow Wolves will spawn ONLY FROM FLOWERS AND TREES in Chapter 6.. so save your energy.
    They will start spawning from Farm Houses and Cottages AFTER Chapter 6.
    Just saw this. Thank you, no more farmhouses and cottages for me until I find 19 more wolves...

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    Well, I got a meadow wolf and then my game reset so I had to recollect from the trees. Of course then none showed up.

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    I don't have any real hope of finishing the story book (no source of dire boar pelts, not enough bones, can't upgrade my tavern in time), but I love my meadow boar, and I'm on the way to a second one. I'm ignoring the chapters and just keeping on with adventures, and so far I have eight trees and seven flowers, and I've packed away all the cottages and farms and I'm getting a reasonable meadow boar spawn rate. And the one I just finished off gave me two bronze coins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiteflyer62 View Post
    Well, I got a meadow wolf and then my game reset so I had to recollect from the trees. Of course then none showed up.
    Had that same thing happen to me 3 tomes now and I still need 7 wolves to complete yesterday’s chapter. Annoying for sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkc619 View Post
    I am glad someone mentioned that you have to visit a level 6 tavern. I really did not pay much attention when I first read-just assumed that mine were level 6. But then I checked and lo and behold mine were only level 5. So thank you to the person that mentioned this here.
    Oh! and I'm glad you commented this. I had done the same mistake. So this is yet another reason why it will be almost impossible for me to get the fawn 😑: the wolves' rate, and I don't have enough dew to upgrade to level 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babysx1 View Post
    I am in between 7 & 8 and just got wolf from farmhouse - waiting for chapter 8 to open
    Thanks. From what I've read you got lucky with the farmhouse. I'm getting low on energy and decided to not try my luck with farmhouses. Maybe later I will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashley224 View Post
    Do you have any onyx boars or dire piglets? They both drop boar pelts...

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonVillage3 View Post
    Just to point out we need BORE PELTS for goal in Chapter 8.. not Meadow Pelts which we'll need after in Chapter 9. ashley's post above tells you where u can find them.. we usually have lots.
    I have some onyx boars hidden away in my inventory, but also 2 workdays ahead without wifi (and without time to play). I am also two days behind (I have to finish saturday evening), so getting 68 boar pelts, fight beasties, get all the requirements seem nearly impossible. For my mental health it is better to give up now than to stress like crazy and still not finish.

    I have kinda reached the point of "I don't care anymore".
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