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Thread: Castle Story event 7/12 - The Fabled Fawn Storybook event | The Meadow Wolf

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    Did anyone else notice somewhere in Goal 10 60 gems are used?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 114bookworm View Post
    I was afraid of that. I looked over the Potion shop list and it's not there. I have restarted the game several times and just restarted the phone bt still no luck. I thought it could be a bug so I am off to contact Storm. I didn't even know what I needed to craft.
    Did you complete day/chapter 5? The 3rd goal that day was to brew the meadow potion. The craft disappears after the potion is collected, but the potion should be in your inventory.
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    Thank you thank you thank you. Just found it on page 45 of Inventory. Sometimes being a collector has it's disadvantages. Got my one meadow wolf and calling THAT one a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbfps116 View Post
    due to FINALLY completing level 6 [with the help of some traps from the value pack] I am finally on chapter 9 today [saturday 8:48 AM EST]]

    i see the next chapter needs 20 more neighbor keys... tomorrow sunday morning I will still have time to ask them right? when does the event end EST?
    Quote Originally Posted by jbfps116 View Post
    my icon says 2 days but inside it says event expires in 1 day
    If you keep 20 keys in inventory, the goal should autocomplete.

    The timer rounds up on the outside icon. It rounds down inside. Actual time left is the inside time plus the number of hours left in the current day.
    (I have a little over 16 hours left total. You should have 1 day plus 16 hours based on your timers.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by suzishine View Post
    21 hours to go.... I can see it counting down by the minutes and I am a little nervous, about the pelts and the golden eggs, need some more,.... and on chapter 8, first part - seems monsters are afraid of my kingdom!
    Cloudberry plants have a good spawn rate for wisps and they count. Lair of beasts and the prison from the sea adventure spawn monsters every time as does the troll sparing pit. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by venatemp View Post
    Did anyone else notice somewhere in Goal 10 60 gems are used?
    Is it possible you accidentally hit skip for something? Or maybe hit a gem trap?
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    You made one already

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    Quote Originally Posted by 114bookworm View Post
    What is the Meadow Potion needed in the last step? I am counting to seconds to finish and am worried that when I finally get there I won't have it?. And it think, as in the past, as long as i START the fawn before the event ends I can still COLLECT it after? Is this correct?
    The horn has to be crafted and collected before the event ends. You actually have a little extra time to craft the fawn. Check the goalbook or the forge for the timer. But make sure you collect the horn before the event expires!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CharmOfLea View Post
    Which post are Shebuya?s pictures?
    Shibuya is on vacation until August.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonVillage3 View Post
    Thanks Puffi.. honestly I'd love another tree.. I love them! They're so chic
    they are my favorite too
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