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Thread: Castle Story event 7/12 - The Fabled Fawn Storybook event | The Meadow Wolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by misterspud View Post
    Auuuuuuugh! Thanks for the info. I lose out. Maybe it?s a sign to take a break.
    I’d you decided to spend gems to pass the goal, don’t spend gem by clicking “skip”the goal. I don’t remember how much it was exactly but it costs somewhere around 200 gems. If you go to the workshop, you can buy a key for 2 gem and the key goes to your inventory so it will cost only 40 gems to complete the goal.

    I was saving the keys for two days just to make sure goal 2 auto complete. Then I forgot about it and made two chest just before goal 2 this morning. I needed 6 more keys to complete the goal so I bought them for 12 gems in the workshop. I had to force close and restart the game for the keys to register in the goal, btw.
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