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Thread: GOAL: Frigid Introduction - 2018 Jul 10 (15 days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgoetzinger99 View Post
    Hang them on the wall. If you'll notice, they do show up in the wall decorations tab.
    Ooops you're totally right. It's a wall decoration, what a silly mistake!!! Thanks

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    Sprinkle pool is a lot cuter than I thought, it will go nicely in my bakery.

    Loving the goal, very cute, the recipes are also fun...thank you storm8!
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    Nice prize!
    I love it!

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    Figid game over? I thought there were at least 4 days left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoey1911 View Post
    Figid game over? I thought there were at least 4 days left?
    I am still showing the goal is active. Are you sure you did not complete the goal?
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    The goals have been disappearing randomly. Try closing and reopening your game. It may take 3 or 4 tries. It's been happening to me a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by my607 View Post
    I think it depends. For example, are your neighbors reliable and fast on requests. Do you have money to buy things?
    I've whittled down my neighbors on RS and BS to ones who are responsive, help me, and communicate what they want ;-) Mutual help haha. Helps get the goals done faster.. (along with a lot of appliances and getting the parts for new goal appliances ahead of time, mwahaha! Thank you forums!)
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