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Thread: Beach-Warmers goal has not pop-up... Please help!

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    Beach-Warmers goal has not pop-up... Please help!

    The 5day goal has not appeared for me but understand it has already started more than an hour already. I have deleted & reinstalled it twice already but still nothing. My game version is 1.8.2. Please help!

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    I am having the same issue. No goal for me and I?ve restarted multiple times

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    Make sure that you guys playing on the latest regular game version. Which is your game level?

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    My level is 99. And my game version is 1.8.2. I have been playing Bakery for more than 7yrs. I have deleted & reinstall the game several times but still no pop-up. Please help ASAP.

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    Thank you, Rynetory2.

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    I don?t have this goal option either & my sugar coaters have all three recipes unlocked , I?ve restarted my device also re installed game but no change , would really like to get final prize but time is running out for me . I?m on level 99 & have been playing for over 6 years

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    I too don’t have this goal. Can someone tell us what’s going on?

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    Did not get new goal Beach Warmers. I already turned off/on my phone still don?t have new goal. Can someone help me thanks!

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    I am on version 1.8.2 and level 99 as well. Just checked again today and still no pop up

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