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Thread: Your coin prizes are useless

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    Your coin prizes are useless

    At least give food. Your coin prizes are useless to anyone over say level 30. I am at 152 and have 185 million coins. So "rewarding" me with 1200 coins is more of an insult than anything else. At least give 1200 food so that after 10 prizes I can feed one of my level 9 champions once.

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    I totally agree! Ithink they should add an option to buy boosts or food with your coins! It would sure help with all the 24, 32 etc. hr dragon's! Especially Evolution boosts, they are hard to get!

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    Agreed!!! I’d happily trade the load of coins for absolutely anything else needed.... boosts, food, gold, essence.... literally ANYTHING else!!

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    Food and gems or better yet items for the current event.

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    I agree food is the better prize.

    I'm actually ok with leaving coin prizes (even though I have over 125 million currently and rarely collect coins anymore). Leaving coin prizes can help the lower leveled accounts... but make the coin prizes a minimum of a million coins, which is about the same as clearing a moldy boulder or the big tree.

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