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How can you change your habitats to get smaller ones to make room for more animals? Where will you put the animals that are in habitats until you make the other habitats smaller? All of my habitats are full.
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My question as well. I don't get it at all. My older account has nothing but premium habitats, save 1 dark habitat.
I've only been playing for about a year and a half, so I'm nowhere near fully expanded. And, I am still using a bunch of basic habitats. I converted one area from nine big dark habitats to 16 small ones, and in another area I did the same with electric habitats. To gain the ability to move things around, I sell off a grand farm, or two. Since I have millions of useless coins, I frequently sell, and later rebuy grand farms, to temporarily free up some elbow room. In this extra space, I would start the smaller habitats and start moving creatures around.

If you have all premium, four creature habitats, this strategy wont help.you. A square of 9 premiums will hold 36 creatures, which is better than the 16 basic habitat square.