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Thread: What Old Goals Would You Like to See Relisted?

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    It would be nice to see a new goal, or new decor I ❤️ This game 😊

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    Dec 2013
    Halloween and thanksgiving. The old ones for andriod please

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    Feb 2013
    Time to shine and album release

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    Mar 2018
    Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...any new goal would be great

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    Jan 2015
    I would really love to see old clothing goals or not make a comeback. I missed some of the oldies from years ago like the plaid pajamas and others. Sorry, I don't know the name of the goals and I really want that darn umbrella basket! Not sure how I even missed that.
    Thank you ~ Melanie

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    How about ANY goal, old or new? It doesn’t matter, just put something up there. I’m trying to get to level 100, that’s the only reason I’m still playing this game. I could see myself Playing forever, and even spending real money on this game, even after level 100, BUT not if there aren’t going to be any new goals. I’ll most likely just quit.

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