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Thread: Ember Ruby Dragon- Battle Tournament- June 1 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinW07 View Post
    It's not playing styles or platform one plays on. It is that we have been put into a profiled group to be permanently doled out more difficult tournament experiences (just like how they can group certain players to be in a Leaderboard group) to compel us to spend gold to complete our tournaments. It is easy to do! From an algorithm perspective, just simply putting on a loading / reduction factor of 25% would be enough to significantly increase our losses when compared to non-profiled players.

    The criteria would be something you and I would have in common. For instance it is likely to be something like the number of GPDs you have, the number of level 15 dragons on your island, number of champions and diamonds in your portfolio, etc. I'm a level 200 player with:
    1) 12 gold producing dragons
    2) 19 level 15 dragons consisting of 6 champions (including hybrids), 4 diamonds (including hybrids), 3 other special type dragons (i.e. Passion, Pyramid, Gold Horizon)
    3) 13 pure Champion type dragons and 14 Champion hybrids
    4) 4 pure Diamond type dragons and 16 Diamond hybrids
    5) 40 dragons between levels 11 and 14 totaling 59 dragons above level 10

    How about you?
    This is another interesting theory that you've presented us with. As you know my results are usually pretty close to your own and while I can finish every tourney I start, there are usually many rounds I have to repeat even though I use the 'right' dragons for the job. As with everything in DS we'll never be totally sure if they do group us and if they do how they do so but what we can do is speculate and try to test our theories. With this in mind I'll list the stats so you can see if there are any noticeable trends or commonalities.

    Level: 200
    GPDs: 7
    Level 15 dragons: 12
    Champs: 40 (25 pure, 15 hybrid)
    Diamond: 25 (3 pure, not sure what you're counting as the 4th pure to be honest)
    Dragons above 10: 50

    I was expecting more trouble from this tourney than I actually got, I did have some repeat rounds but none that I had to fight more than 6 times which is great for me. My Marshmallow and Noel were my MVPs this time, taking out any dragon that I set before them. I was extra surprised when my Noel took down Neo Valiant with one bash, if only I could reward him in some way to show my gratitude! Alas, he'll have to content himself with me singing his praises. Until next time...

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    Didn't have much time to fight for this one but thankfully Neo Glasswing and Neo Valiant went down relatively easily so I ended up getting the price with just a couple hours left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post

    Diamond: 25 (3 pure, not sure what you're counting as the 4th pure to be honest)
    In my post I counted the number of dragons in that category. I answered that I have 4 total pure Diamond types (2 Diamond & 2 Infinity)

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    Thanks to all of you for responding :o)

    Quote Originally Posted by CranberryMil View Post
    then Neo Glasswing was in tournament and Neo Valiant in Leaderboard ? i remember that both where in the anniversary of Dragon story but i dont remember witch one was from tournament
    Thanks so much for your responses...appreciate it

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