Good evening readers,

I want to ask the admins for some attentions answers and feedback, my point is im playing since the beginning era of City Story, I love that game, I have some extra ideas to improve the game

- Add more terrain to build
- Or give us an option to build another city with a switch button to switvh between cities, new city means restart from like level 1 except the switch, brings your money back again

- Add objectives what has also be done in Bakery Story(and some other games)
- More contracts
- Add more Flags for countries
- Set Level cap higher(i dont know what max cap is at the moment)

Back in the day we had low graphical devices(compared to now), so i would understand lagg spikes that TL/S8 is trying to avoid, but now we have a higher end devices that can handle more graphical games, i would personally love to see some updates coming for City Story

Thanks for reading

Akif Ozkara
Crownax King