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Thread: Creepy Background Noise, Anyone?

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    Variety of audio ads, only with DS open. Some seem geographically targeted. Latest was an ad for Thurston Honda.

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    I got a lot of Chevy ads or music playing in the background. I had an ad that started playing at 4:00am. Ever since then i let my media volume on zero. I'm also on Android

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    I reported this to the Powers That Be for investigation. If you're able to share a video of the issue, please let us know as this will help with the investigation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    Can you please share more details about the audio? Can you share what the audio is saying in the background or if it mentions a specific product? This information will help us investigate this to track down the offending ad.
    Like everyone else, just various advertisements. Just now, it was Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.
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    Okay so I have been hearing odd noises too once in awhile. Though it is not frequent. I actually hear a battle arena loss sound sometimes when I open up my game but it is not the full sound just the last half of the sound that signals you lost a fight even though I was not even in the battle arena and was just opening the game back up. It is super weird. Is that maybe what you heard too? I just heard this sound for the 2nd time this week and was not gonna make a thread on it and figured it was perfectly appropriate to post here.
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