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Thread: GOAL: Pizza! Pizza! In My Tummy! - 2018 May 22 (15 days) (POLL ADDED)

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    Happy Birthday, Twospoons!

    (Or maybe Happy Belated Birthday!)

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    sorry wrong attachment... chotomate kudasai

    ok... got it
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    And yet another misspelled word! "Spektical"??

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    Loving the new table and chair, they'll look awesome in various scenarios so I'll get lots of use of out them which I always appreciate in deco items.

    I might sit the side goal out this time, I have two of the original Pizza Tosses so I don't exactly need the recolored version but if I have the time maybe I'll get it just to add to the collection.

    I do wish the newer recipes would have higher yields though. I've been level 99 for ages and at times I still struggle to keep food on the counters.
    I so agree.. Low quantity of foods. Please ask for them to increase. ❤

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    I am liking this goal. I am of Sicilian decent (3rd gen in America), and telling the Queen Margherita story is one of my favorites to tell. So of course, I was telling it again the other night. I also like having the chance to receive previously locked items.

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    I just got the Pizza Fanatic. They made him drooling. Yikes!
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    Thanks again VanaCatu for getting the goal details organized so quickly.

    And thanks to all the fantastic RS players for posting tips. I love the appliances and recipes.

    Yes, I am accepting new neighbors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxEDLxx View Post
    I need some advice or some help please. I hadn't sent my neighbors any requests since 24 hours ago and so I decided to send my neighbors the napkins but I only got 1 back and that was two hours ago and even force closed the app after an hour and still only received 1. What is the problem? Would my neighbors get them? I don't have enough gems to skip this part. I really don't like this part on first part of goals
    I was told each day we are allowed to request from 20 neighbors. Use your request... wisely ...from known current players. If you ask more, then that request will roll over to show up the following day and so forth. That's why we see "3 days ago". So I get better results by this routine: I work from my request list. I visit, gift and fill neighbors requests. Then I go to my appliance I'm building and request the part I need. (On my android; It takes me to the list of my neighbors. Scroll to the bottom of the neighbor list, this is where I find the neighbors that I just filled their requested part will show up). Hopefully 20 neighbors. Request from these, I get better results this way. Wish G8 would make this more player friendly.

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    Did you like the recipes and prizes?

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    I did like the prizes for ''tis one but didn't like that they made the boy drooling.

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