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Thread: Breeding Combos and Questions (Thread 2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kayjco View Post
    Are we more likely to get eggs of creatures that we already have?

    I don't know if I'm doing this right, so bear with me...

    I am breeding a Storm Sphinx (electric, nature) and a Paper Lantern (electric, fire). My breeding time began at 21 hours. If I am reading the charts correctly (and I may be reading them wrong!), my possible eggs will be a Storm Sphinx and a Gold Lion.

    I have a Storm Sphinx and do not have a Gold Lion.

    So, assuming that I've checked/read correctly and those are my two possibilities, am I more likely to get a Storm Sphinx (since I already have one) or am I just as likely to get a Gold Lion?
    Sphinx and Lion are both Super Rare, so you should have an equal chance of getting either one.

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    Thanks. I got a Storm Sphinx egg.

    I think that maybe once you have an animal that it's easier to get more of it. I could he wrong. But thanks!!

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    I got a 17 hour timer on my 2nd try while trying breeding for Melodeer, with Lullabison and Tubacan. Are there other elements than earth, fire with this combo?, otherwise I can say Melodeer is breedable
    I'm only playing FFS.
    My forest name = Dragon Pool.

    Crystal Unicorn @ 03-21-2017
    My 2nd; Sapphire Sphinx @ 05-14-17
    My 3th; Garnet Griffin @ 08-24-17
    My 4th; Pearl Peryton @ 10-21-17
    My 5th; Emerald Dragon @ 05-28-18
    My 6th; Spinel Ravenstag @ 06-03-18
    My 7th; Ruby Razorback @ 09-05-18
    My 8th; Jasper Dragon @ 03-07-19
    My 9th; Obsidian Cyclops @ 03-22-19
    My 10th; Sapphire Cthulhu @ 06-04-19
    My 11th; Valkyrie @ 08-22-19
    My 12th; Topaz Tiger @ 10-03-19

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    I just bred a Pumace! I was using Jade Kirin and Aircelot.

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