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I just cleared a third of my queendom with the first round of unlimited energy and guess what? I only met ONE Fangbeast even though I went through an entire 50-plot crop of strawberries, 20 Cows, 10 Minks, 20 Farm Houses, 10 Cottages, 20 ponds, 15 Wells, etc., etc. No other monster appeared.

It looks like I'll have to rely on my monster generators to complete the "Fight Monsters" task

I even tried collecting from my sea creatures and decorations, which, more often than not, spawns an Aquanther. No such luck this time.

It seems that the monster spawn rate has mysteriously dipped again
Not sure if it?s because I have the ?boaring problem ? goal but I spawned dire boars like crazy during ww. Also got fangbeasts from cows and chickens. I?m only on level 30 though.