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Thread: GOAL: Off The Road - 2018 May 3 (15 Days) (POLL ADDED)

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    And I gotta put back the oven, stove and grill just for this challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nettie75 View Post
    Am I the only one tired of cooking grilled cheese, ham, and bab wings for goals?? Can we get different recipes to cook for challenges? I'm max on all of them, so I get no gems like I would another recipe like omelettes, pretty please Storm8??
    Nettie75 you are not alone in being tired of cooking grilled cheese, ham & bat wings for goals I am too & the new goal that started last night grilled cheese again I know they have to do it for the lower levels but there are plenty of food on cookers that take 3 hours to cook....
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    Did you enjoy these goals?
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    The theme was well done for what they was go for. Like a street food type them (i think)...

    My opinions about this goal:

    The food truck type ovens was cute, the food was OK (it is what you would expect from a food truck)

    The side goal was good also.

    The main prize i did not like here in RS.

    Overall the theme was put together well - i just did not like the prize at all.

    I hope they do a good goal -
    with a nice look for every goal prize.

    Sidenote and a little off topic:
    i hope to see this with BS - a cute little oven!

    There was 1 in BS the "Engine Block Stove" that look like a car! But there is also many other cute ovens/stoves in bs, but i hope to see more realistic and creative ovens/stove in the future! The "Engine Block Stove" and the food trucks was very well thought out and a little more realistic.

    Good Job S8 and their staff. The last few goals have great themes and creative stoves - hope to see more in the future! - A happy player so far! (At least with the goal idea)
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    I told myself I was not going to do the even but anyway I ended up playing the event and finishing the game lol it was fun. I loved the prizes��

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