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Thread: Laceleaf Dragon - May 1 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by LynniesDragons View Post
    Thank You! I bred w Eagle & Scorpion = 12 hrs & like You, I think it is a Laceleaf Dragon because I don?t recognize the egg either.
    You're welcome.. glad my combo worked for you too. I rarely get new dragons on the 1st try, but glad to get this one...congrats!!!!!

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    Thx for pic. Gorgeous egg. I haven't seen any in my island hoping today. Congrats. I keep getting worthless Firestorm.

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    Got the dragon with Honeybee and Firestorm. Yeeee!!!

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    I have got it at the first try with crusader and gold (both level 15)

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaselance View Post
    So far every 12 hour egg has been mythic and firestorm with no luck with new egg and just sped up about 40 eggs
    Same with me so far, though I didn't speed breed and won't.

    40 x 12 gold = 480 gold unless you were using some timer boosts? It would have been more economical just to buy the Laceleaf currently on sale for 350 gold!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This was totally unexpected. I was trying for a Firestorm for a Bingo task with Neo Air and Neo Fire. Thought I’d cleared the task when the 12-hour timer appeared.

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    Keeping my fingers crossed, after multiple gloriousa's I got 12 hours with playful and neo air. Please I think I have had every red and yellow fail possible.

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    Clockwork and Air

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    no sucess yet. only 9 hours failures
    Island Name:-RainForest
    Other games I play:-
    Bakery Story 2,Restaurant Story,Fashion Story and Bakery StoryDragon Story is my most fav. Right now working on diamond hybrids and any good dragon that came along.

    Feel free to add me on any and all games

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    Finally got mine using Neo Air and Neo Fire.

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