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Thread: GOAL: Mother's Day - 2018 April 26 (5 days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanaCatu View Post
    actually, this thing is explainable.
    basic oven has 19 recipes available to all players who are not higher than level 12.
    drink mixer only has 10 such recipes.
    (except recipes shorter than 30 minutes)
    and so far they used them all for flash goals and for long side goals
    so, if they use other dishes, they will have to higher level requirements for goals, and ppl will not get goals when they reach level 12.
    I understand this but old time players are getting board with the same things all the time !

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanaCatu View Post
    that's right for this goal, they increased initial qtty of parts required. it happened before to other appliances required for flash-goals

    the prize was always there (except for droids who didn't download mother's day version'2013 - they can only obtain this decor via running goal).
    i'm only curious, will it be removed for everyone when the goal ends? same question about motherly oven... we will see
    It did remove it, sad D: I managed to complete it just in the nick of time!

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