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Thread: Level 886 is ridiculous

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    So I don't normally complain about how hard levels are, and some can take me a LOT of attempts at passing.

    Most of the latter levels give you very low moves, and require the lucky use of a diamond+row blaster plus subsequent swaps of two adjacent blasters to create additional blasters as each of the blasters blow in turn. Sometimes, you'll need at least 2 diamond+blaster combos to get through these levels, which frankly aren't much fun, and require complete luck of Jewel placement rather than skill and planning.

    Now, we finally get to level 886.... And you only have 20 moves by the time you've used the first 3 on the compulsory ones to get the game board open.

    First, you need to clear 10 black un-brakable blocks, to give you access to the steel/wood blocks. Given there's a double layer of glass under each, With those remaining 20 moves, you need to hit each block 10 times.

    Eight blocks, 10 times....... And you can't even start hitting half those blocks until you've cleared the lower ones.

    This is the first level that I deem impossible without multiple purchases of extra turns. I'd guess you'll need at least 200gold to buy enough turns to finish this one.

    Bad level.

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone has passed this without extra turns? I'd guess you'll need to be lucky enough to have AT LEAST two diamond+blasters turn up in succession, in only 20 moves.

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    I'd say 40 turns would still be very challenging for this level. 20 is very low.
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    Could you give me the list of all areas?

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    Hahahhahahaha .......I'm on level 998 now, which is just a copy of level 886..... Only with 1 less move.

    Best get saving up Gold and powerups for the next six weeks so I can get past this level by buying my way it's impossible with only 19 moves (once you've used 3 compulsory moves to open the board up).

    What a total joke.

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    I think the time has come for me to delete Jewel Mania and say GOODBYE.

    I've just reached Level 1069 and it is a repeat of Level 886 and 998 .... Only this time with 17 moves. If you read my above posts, you'd realise that previously it had 20 and then 19 moves, this time only 17.

    I had to use a large stock pile of reward special gems and pay a fair chunk of money in order to buy my way past these levels as they are impossible to pass, given the low amounts of moves.

    I absolutely refuse to pay any more money in order to pass this IMPOSSIBLE level for a 3rd time.

    So, thanks for the good times - it's been (I'd guess) 5 or 6 years of 'mostly' great fun.


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