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  • Pink Unicorn

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  • Peacock Status

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  • Pegasus Topiary

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  • Rainbow Koi Wind Sock

    37 38.14%
  • Rainbow Wind Spinner

    49 50.52%
  • Rainbow Spring

    30 30.93%
  • Rainbow Arch

    25 25.77%
  • Rainbow Trough

    30 30.93%
  • Rainbow Bush / Lantern

    28 28.87%
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Thread: Unicorns and Rainbows! - 2018 Apr 12 (POLL ADDED)

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    I have been collecting from the juicier for over a day and have only gotten 1 horseshoe! This bits.

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    Won the Pink unicorn today! didn't even need the stable... but drops from the juicer are terribly, awfully hard

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheepishjaina View Post
    The disproportionate levels of horseshoes are the main problem with these type of events. The silver ones I have are all manufactured.

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    I hear you...

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    Pourquoi a chaque ?v?nement on ?crit les m?mes choses... On se plains des gouttes qui sont si rares...
    C'est triste de donner de son temps de fabriquer livrer vendre mais surtout de
    Ne pas ?tre r?compens? de notre investissement.. ! ! !
    Le jeu est passionnant... Mais les d?fis stressant frustrant d?cevant
    Quand je pense au travail que vous faite pour nous donner de si jolies r?compenses
    Vos id?es de jeux sont g?niaux.... Mais quel dommage la fa?on de nous le proposer surtout a chaque fin de de recevoir des triples d?corations...
    Et d'esp?rer ceux qu'on a pas....
    J'ai d?j? perdu l'ours blanc et le castor les perruches ins?parables de cette mani?re
    Juste a cause de ne pas obtenir plus de gouttes ..
    Juste triste ..sinon merci de vos chouettes d?fis...

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    How does one get the mythical meadow? Mine did not mysteriously appear and I can't seem to find it anywhere??
    Thank you.

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    No horseshoes from the juicer on the whole day.

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    32 and counting juices and 2 horse shoes from juicer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Srishtikarta View Post
    How does one get the mythical meadow? Mine did not mysteriously appear and I can't seem to find it anywhere??
    Thank you.
    Go to the market under the Cow tab and scroll down a bit and you will find it for sale.
    On iOS that is not sure if it is different for an android device.

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    Waiting all day to turn in a collection and not one horseshoe from the juicer.

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    I've been juicing non-stop since the juice challange was released and I only have 2 horseshoes! I am never going to get a unicorn at this rate! Uuuuuuuugggggghhhhhh!

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