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Thread: Unicorns and Rainbows! - 2018 Apr 12 (POLL ADDED)

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    I think the big problem with these events is that we have to give event items. It would be a lot better if the Goals were like the event before this. The bird event was very fun.
    Paul__ ~ Moderator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul__ View Post
    Got all the prizes besides the Blue Unicorn using 206 gems and a 10 dollar value pack. Very disappointed that these hard events are getting more common! First the Beaver event, Cake pops event, the Topiary Expo event, the Gnome event and now this. It is ridiculous. For the next luck events ince we don't have a 100% chance to get all of the prizes can we get the ability to buy them in the market or maybe it could be in a value pack. It is really a win-win situation. The players are happy and people will buy Gems to get the prizes they didn't receive from the market or a value pack.
    I agree with you Paul. I had the same results on those other events as well. I got the Pink Unicorn but no shot at the Blue with drop rates so weak. I got the horseshoe maker after the gem price drop but used all the rest of my gems speeding up the process but to no avail. Impossible to get the Silver and Rainbow horseshoes made in time. Drops in mine, apple trees, fruit dehydrator, and of course juicer were ludicrous. I?m really bummed that I missed the blue parakeet and now this Blue Unicorn. Never had a shot at the other events you mentioned as well. I?m Level 76 and been playing for over 4.6 years.

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    I actually enjoy events like these. I think it’s great that we get a chance to win at aleast one pet. That alone is worth it in my opinion. Plus you also have a chance to get other prizes even by just completing the goals. For me, the goals are what i focus on and the collections I view as extra prizes but don’t worry about. It’s nice to win a couple decoration items but i really do not need them all. These type of events are also very laid back and i feel like they don’t require less of your time. At least it feels that way for me.

    The only thing i dislike is that some of the decorations we get when we complete goals are the same as the ones we can get when we turn in a collection. It’s no big deal but I kind of wish they were different.

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    hmmm, is it possible to turn rainbow stable into regular crating machine ...may be all the fruit sugars can be made their instead of windmill
    since the event is over may be put in market for coins....just loved its animation and please resize the 4x4 prizes they don't need that much space...otherwise they end up in cellar which i hope many of us does not want...
    as far as event I got all the prizes thanks to sale of the stable ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blondiegirlhi View Post
    I wanted to wait until this event was almost over before giving my final thoughts. I bought the rainbow stable once it went on sale. I started immediately making horseshoes to help with the final collections. I was so happy to see that the drop rates were so good...that is, until we got to the last few horseshoe collections. The apple trees and dehydrator drop rates were both quite poor. But in spite of that, I just kept making horseshoes to make up for the shortfall. Then, we came to the juicer. I would never have dreamed that the drop rate would have been that poor. I think I got a total of 3 horseshoes from it. That was more than what some people got, but not enough to even complete task 10. The time to make the rainbow horseshoes ensured that we could only make a minimal number of them. Again, we maybe could have made more had the dehydrator and apple tree drops been a little better. I did complete the task and got my pink unicorn. I’m happy with it, but realize that I would never have gotten anything for all my effort if I had not bought the rainbow stable. So, in conclusion, it appears that events are primarily doable only by spending gems or money. You can spend all your time completing all the tasks and working hard and diligent and still not be rewarded for all your effort. How very sad is that. Ok, venting over...I’ll have to wait and see if I’ll ever do another event.
    Similar results for me. Horrific drop rates on mine, hydrator, Apple trees, juicer. No shot at getting the Pink Unicorn without buying the horseshoe maker and then using more gems to speed that process up. Never got all the prizes from the rainbow stable collection either nor the 15 gem prize for making all the horseshoes. There was just never enough time. I went through over 150 gems but only managed the Pink Unicorn, Koi Flag, Peacock, and a few of the other miscellaneous prizes that I didn?t care about. Hours and hours of playing and setting timers and playing immediately upon waking up, playing during various short breaks at work, before and after dinner, and then right up until bedtime. Last night was until 2:20am for me for a silly game!! Seriously I feel stupid wasting so much time. I always feel let down after not competing the tasks on this game. Part of the enjoyment is the sense of accomplishment. But when you fail to achieve it and win the goals, it?s a let down. This game is usually a relaxer for me but not when it?s like this. Disappointed to say the least after another failure like the Parakeet, Gnomes, and several others recently.

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    I wanted to wait till the game was over to get that last juice before adding my comments. I played this event on an Android and an IOS device. Like a lot of you, drop rate was low, but for me the problem started with the passion fruit and continued thru the juicer. On iOS device I only received 6 horseshoes from juice collections--the sixth coming in the last 7 minutes of the game. So then I decided to turn in one collection with the hopes of getting the blue unicorn. And I got it! Then I purchased 1 rainbow horseshoe for 25 gems to complete stage 10 and receive the pink unicorn. Wasn't that lucky on my Android. I only received 3 rainbow horseshoes!!!!! So I tried the same thing -- used one for a collection (no blue unicorn); purchased 4 for 100 gems (got the pink unicorn).

    Stormie, how about a country fair event?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eucom View Post
    On iOS device I only received 6 horseshoes from juice collections--the sixth coming in the last 7 minutes of the game. So then I decided to turn in one collection with the hopes of getting the blue unicorn. And I got it!
    wow congrats!!! i'm sure most of us are extremely envious of your insane luck.......... (i freaking hate the juicer)

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    Storm 8,please stop with all the luck events.I,for one,am not lucky and never get the pet but instead get the same prize over and over.This was very disappointing as the drop rates were terrible and even after putting all the work in,no blue unicorn.The events used to be a different kind each time and that was much better.The luck events are the worst of the events.I t is not fun to work your way through an event and miss out on the prize.

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    Final tally for collections:
    9 Arches
    7 Springs
    7 Bushes
    8 Troughs
    2 Lanterns
    1 Wind Sock
    1 Wind Spinner

    I bought the stable, I spent real money on Horseshoe packs, and still no Blue Unicorn... yes, I’m disappointed, but it is a game of chance and I should learn! I have NEVER earned a pet through turning in a collection in any event!
    Thanks Storm8 for having the events and keeping me playing!

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