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Thread: Show off your Bakery - Thread 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    Thanks so much. One of the main reasons I play the s8 games is because I'm a collector at heart. I love collecting all the items and figuring out new ways to display them so it's always nice when someone likes my efforts.
    I really like decorating myself, and I always love to visit other creative bakeries and redecorate my own. I have really good designs I'd love to do in my bakery but I am think its not big enough to do them. Wish expansions didn't cost so much. Haha, I want to collect all of the decorations too, but unfortunately as I have only been playing for 1 and a half years most of them are still locked. I really love jewels and diamonds and your bakery is really appealing to me. Thanks for sharing
    MissTwilight99. Only adding serious players on RS only who do goals, are active and respond to requests quickly. Tipping not as important. I tip most days and gift and accept requests often. Bakery & Restaurant, occasionally Fashion & Pet Shop too.

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    Here?s my little Halloween bakery. I didn?t put everything out, one because my bakery isn?t big enough and two because I?m hoping we get a good Halloween goal this year.

    75C4E610-F6A7-448C-9452-5A589D33C00D.jpeg A0FFC56C-925C-4C3F-8FAE-39E79ABCC1B8.jpeg

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    I've been playing since 2010 and finally have raked up the courage to share my Bakery. The bakeries are all so beautiful that it's a bit intimidating! My place has undergone some major changes lately but (hopefully) I'm finally happy with it again.

    In all my years of playing, I've always used the same floor plan. I would divide my Bakery into equal squares, and decorate each square with matching items and all the squares together matched an overall theme. Lately though, I've been trying to save up for the really expensive expansion and was having trouble keeping my coins up which is a new problem for me. After lots of thinking and forum reading I figured out it was mainly due to the heavy goal purchases and not enough time to recuperate in between the goals. Looked into ways to adjust my coin intake and came across the old threads on layouts and decided it wouldn't hurt anything to try it out. I went with what the thread called "Narrow T" layout and was pleasantly surprised to see that my counters now clear each night and I'm steadily building up for that expansion. Problem was, after all those years of re-decorating the same layout (I redecorate every month) I was frazzled at the concept of decorating this new one but I think I'm happy with the results.

    An example of my original floor plan - Fall theme from Sept last year:

    Attachment 47328

    The new floor plan - Jewel theme which is current:

    Attachment 47329

    As you can see, I didn't totally lose the habit of dividing up the larger space but maybe I'll outgrow this need in time? Only real worry I have now is whether or not I'll be able decorate for the holidays to my liking within this new layout.
    Very beautiful! I like your fall bakery. It has been the most creative & beautiful I have ever see on this game!
    Thank you for sharing! Please post when you have new 1s, if you would like.
    I would like to see the creativity/ideas you have
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    Sorry, I am not able to add any more neighbors at the moment.

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    My Halloween bakery this year is graveyard themed. Always looking for neighbours so please add me


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    Happy Halloween Everyone, from Millyways!
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    i only play bakery story, add me- kaypoppy

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    So, I've finished my Thanksgiving remodel and I've gone in a totally different direction than normal. One thing I realized while redecorating this time was that there are way more dividers in RS than in BS and the few we do have in this game aren't the right size/dimensions to be used for creative purposes. I hope we see some new ones in the future!

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    Here is my Bakery for Halloween

    Hi everyone,
    How is everyone doing? Happy Halloween 
    I just want to share a Halloween picture of my Bakery before resdigning for Thanksgiving/Christmas.

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    @AnnirasSweets EVEN A PARADE!!! Gosh! @kaypoppy one by the window please! @ILovetoDesign Where to go first, decisions, decisions

    I'm working on my Christmas theme, couldn't wait. Needed the Holiday Cheer...


    Mine so far, story to follow when it's ready
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