Hello fellow decorators! Just want to share my Easter theme before I redecorate! Yes, I know this was back some time in April/May lol Been having this layout for months as I was quite happy with how it turned out. I had to rearrange the tables and chairs cuz I wasn't earning as much if I were to go the aesthetic way so.. /shrug.

************************************************** ************************************************** ******************************************

Welcome one! Welcome all!

Here at Anywhere we are in the festive mood for Easter celebrations but if you do not celebrate, fret not! We have lots of other activities for you to partake with your loved ones! So let's get it!

Feeling overwhelmed by everything you're seeing? Have a seat in any table and chair of your choice to take it all in! I know the half egg shells tables and chairs look really fragile but you have nothing to worry about as they're as strong as steel! *whispers* we have pixiedust! teehee! You can also choose to dine at our exclusive VIP table* in a beautiful garden setting with twinkling fairy lights that make for such an intimate and romantic setting! Do let us know if you're planning a proposal! We're good at surprises! Not only that, you'll also get to see our little resident koala sleeping in its little home. You may take tons of pictures (strictly no flash, please!) and if you're lucky, give it a little cuddle when he's awake but be careful of its sharp claws! They will hurt you when manhandled so please be gentle with our little friend! Our staff will always be ready to assist you so you're in good hands.

For this season, we have 3 different kitchens to serve you a wide variety of food in the menu but we decided to open up two. Have a peek into the Family Bear Kitchen where they get busy cooking up the most delicious porridge and the Faerie Kitchen on how our delicate pastries are made! Be sure to let Chef Baby Bear know how you like your porridge otherwise you will get them too hot or too cold!

Let's finish up the food tour before moving on, shall we? Whenever it comes to dessert, who will ever say that they're too full? Pfft! There's always room for dessert! Even if you are full and the DIY Sundae Station or Easter Cookie table spread does not appeal to you, staring at our edible Marshmallow Fountain will soon change that thought! Kindly let our friendly Ms Honey know if you wish to have a taste! She's the one in a bee costume! Unfortunately, dipping your fingers into the fountain and snitching a piece of that marshmallow is not allowed for safety and hygiene purposes. We care about you and we want you to leave with an enjoyable and fond memory, not an aching stomach!

If you're finally full to the point of exploding, have some mellow family time with your little ones in our Egg Painting session! With all kinds of colours available, paint your heart out! Make them as pretty as you can as Little Chickie is watching you! She can get a little nitpicky if you paint out of line! *snicker*

If you're not feeling up to having someone breathing down your neck, head over to our Bunny Pen and have some hoppity fun with our little friends! During feeding time, you'll get to dig up your own carrots from the carrot patch and have a little feeding sesh! Let your hearts melt at the sight of these bunnies munching with their twitchy little noses and quivering whiskers! You can take pictures but again, no flash please!

Before you leave, you can choose to take a beautiful photo (or photos!) in our Unicorn Fantasy Studio for a small fee. All proceeds will go to charity so if you wish to add more, please do! Don't forget to sign your name and leave a message at the booth!

Oh dearie me! I seem to have forgotten the Most Important Thing of all! Mr Bunny White is making a special appearance for the next couple of days! Have a little chat, tell him about your favourite chocolates, take pictures, anything you'd like but hurry! His time is limited each day and once the stopwatch rings, he's gone!

Have fun!

*Advance booking required.

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