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Thread: I never want to use gems

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    I never want to use gems

    Yet somehow this game is rigged to take them. I had up to 65 gems. I don?t know if I would have ever used them, but I?m now down to 17. I have never purposely tapped the extended play option because I know the games are rigged for me to lose. I don?t ever think I ever really tapped the option by accident either, but because this game is rigged to steal your money, they don?t offer you a confirmation if the extended play is tapped. They make it VERY easy to make mistakes but they offer zero means to rectify them. Again I ask, why do I play this game when i know the odds are not even? It?s like going to Vegas and playing against a stacked deck. SMH

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    Please submit a ticket through the Request Form so an agent can look into this for you, thanks.
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