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Thread: Restaurant Story: April 2018

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    If you?re over Level 40, Please add:

    RS JayneDeaux (lvl 50)
    RS & BS - JayneDeauxToo (lvl 52, lvl 46), RS & BS - kingyoung73 (lvl 99)

    I?m a relaxed, daily player. If you take this game TOO seriously (ie aggressive neighbor, wall dictatorship / threats) don?t bother.

    I answer requests, Gift back (often gift back what?s gifted to me). I mostly return tip only.

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    Hi guys.. I am replaying this game again after 2 years of hiatus. However, it's been a long time since I checked it last time and all of my friends have already stop playing too. Please add me at cicilia_d_s really need friends to finish the event.
    Dont forget add me at cicilia_d_s

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    My id is Dimboola3414 Does anyone know which stove makes sail away eggs?

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    I play daily. Please don't add me with a bunch of rules, I play every day, gift every day early and try to tip everyone every day.

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    Add me Sugerbabby2
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    My id is cakelover1224.
    I am a new player on restaurant story but have been playing bakery story for a while now.
    I gift parts unless you request something different
    I try to tip daily but I don't care if you don't tip.
    I'm looking for neighbors who accept material requests and do goals.

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    Farm Supplier
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    Jan 2014
    ID: vesstrina

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    Add me ellyscaffe

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    longtime player who needs new neighbors that will gift items for current goal ovens/stoves. Having hard time getting goals built so I can finish the goal on time as I'm not getting current needed gifts. I gift every day!!

    Please add kimcar31

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    Please add me jacksonben

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