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Thread: Sweet Easter - 2018 Mar 22 (5 days)

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    have to say, i love the final prize but the recipes are really a let down!

    The "golden" bunnies: why not go with a shade of yellow instead of a shade of brown? Make them look like the lindt chocolate bunnies.
    The pastel eggs look better cooked then what they look like in the recipe book and the blue sheepish cupcakes are weird...why not do a variation of peeps and change the colors, that approach would have made the most sense to me!

    Also, was able to complete this with 9 ovens and a day to spare, so i can imagine it being difficult for those who have under that.....

    But again, love the final prize, can't wait to put it up in my my easter decorations are bit scarce, i hope we get a 2 week goal on easter!
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    well, now i'm done too!
    6 hatcheries, a bit more than 1 day to spare.
    crazy weekend!

    good luck to all who's not yet there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanaCatu View Post
    maybe that's why they made this goal available only from level 27, despite the pen and the hatchery when first released were available from much lower levels...

    mastery profit from hatchery is $1.8mio.
    when you master all 7 recipes in it, you will still be in plus. in good plus, actually +$778'000.
    Thank you for letting me know about that! You're awesome!

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    I may actually finish even though I accidentally started cooking the wrong thing. I have 6 Hatchery Ovens. I need just 7 more of the Chocolate Eggs & 8 Pastel Eggs. So can do 3 of each at a time & the timer which also keeps messing up on mine, says 23 hrs. left. I guess may need to spend a couple of Gems but that doesn't seem bad.

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    I finished, but I had ovens and built more.

    Newbies couldn't do this goal.

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    Does anyone know exactly when this goal ends? I am trying to figure out if I'm going to make it

    ETA: Actually my banner now says 22 hours so I guess it ends around 2:00 PM EST on 03/27 - I doubt I'm going to be able to finish in time
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    It says I have 21hrs left. I just built 1 more. The Pastel Eggs take 7hrs. So I may just make it. I'm trying to figure this out. I need 6 more. I need 7 of Chocolate Eggs. I know those take less time 4hrs. I have 3 of those going. 4 of the Pastel.

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    I finished this morning, I had 2 candy hatcheries already and built 7 more. I agree with twospoons, sometimes I like that the flash goals are hard bc it feels like you accomplished something, like with the candy cane maker goal. I personally don't think all goals should be just as easy for a level 30 or so player than it is for a level 99 player. I think the 5 day flash goals should be geared more towards the higher level players and the 15 day goal for everyone.
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    I'm so tired of these stupid 5 day goals which nobody can master in 5 days!I hate it to build felt 125 ovens and repeat always the same old recipes! Do they think we all have no private lives???
    I really would prefer to buy the single items instead of annoying me again and again!
    And reducing the crates before an holiday or event would be nice as well!
    I play this game now for a couple of years and have great neighbors, but this is ridiculous!

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    I'm waiting for a sale, pleaseee a sale !
    Please bring back the Lotus Fountain! Please

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