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Thread: Sweet Easter - 2018 Mar 22 (5 days)

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    First, thanks for the short Easter goal. I love the final price but the recipes are not quite compelling. The golden bunny is not golden but green, the pastel eggs are not pastel and the marshmallow sheep is not that different from sheepish sheep. But as said, i?m working hard to get the final price, then I love it to have as decoration. I have 7 ovens and will finish the goal in time but it?ll be pretty close. So it?s pretty much impossible for beginners or players with less neighbors.

    Storm8 I just hope, this wasn?t the only goal for Easter. Don?t let Easter pass without a regular goal, we players expect. Please! And a sale would be nice as well, then there isn?t so much of Easter decorations, I would like to have.

    Have a great day/night.

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    Are chocolate bunnies made in candy hatchery? My only unlocked recipe is golden bunnies.

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    Never mind. Found it

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    Looks like I will get this done without spending any Gems. Will be close. Just started a few more Pastels which I know take 7hrs and the time says more than that as how much I have left. The other Eggs will for sure be done on time.

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    I am playing on 3 accounts. I think one of the account can't make it on time. I forgot to wake up in the middle of night.. I will use gems to finished it.. The others 2 accounts still have to rushing for 2 batches of chocolate eggs.. Setting alarm in my phone so l won't forget again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kat8rose View Post
    Does anyone see any Easter items, old or new, available ? I am on Android, if that matters. Not a table nor chair, nada, zip, zero,, I want Easter stuff S8.

    Thanks and good luck all
    I've been playing for 3 years now and still don't have any wallpaper, flooring or tables for Easter. It's frustrating, for sure!

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    Gaaaaahh! I'm not going to finish without spending gems. This is a first for me since I started playing this game back in the day. Life happened and I forgot to collect my servings a couple of times and now I'm behind
    I was being cheap though and only built 3 ovens initially (having only built 2 beforehand). That would've been enough but I had a lot on my plate this week and hardly had time.
    D'oh! I've come too far to miss out on the prize. I'll just be bummed if they end up offering the chick pen for a few gems after the goal is over like they did with the last mini goal because I think I might end up spending more gems to speed up my ovens than buying it from the market if they do release it. Decisions, decisions...

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    Is there any possibility I'm gonna get extra 10 hrs?

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    FIVE days? I have 6 hrs left to complete??? I had 2 crazy days of work and wasn't able to keep up so I'm out??? NOT COOL. Also I'm far more upset about the principle rather than the actual recipes or the goal prize as I am not crazy about any of them. Seems like the last several goals I am not at all excited about decor and sometimes not even bothering to finish once I have unlocked the recipes. Are there different designers or something? Everything in bakery story used to be so cute. I figured maybe something new just wasn't to my taste but now we're going on something like 6 goals in a row where I don't even want the final prize. This is getting to be an awful lot of work for things I don't even like. May be time to take a big break again. But then I'm always afraid I'll miss something. And I'll throw out there someone who has been playing for years and years- I completely disagree with the "it's not fair to the older players" excuse around not being able to get older goal stuff. Why should I care? I say let all the new players and the people who've missed goals be able to work for them now. "It's not fair" is an incredibly lame excuse and one that as an actual,older player I don't agree with at all.

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    I finished the goal and saw the confirmation that I had finished. I can not find the chick pen in either of the "decor" sections. Did anyone else not receive the prize? Thank you.

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