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Thread: STORYBOOK: Serengeti Saga - 2018 Mar 20 (POLL ADDED)

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    This time story-book is tough enough to complete, S8 itz a game for relaxation and feel good, so kindly make it easy for everyone..TY

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penguin2016 View Post
    Right. I?m struggling to decide whether to start trying for the ocean ape or continue trying for the animals that generate walking sticks. I love the new walking stick animal but also want to keep trying for the older one and the ocean ale! Also, where?s the goal for the runes/animal at the end of each storybook??
    Got it the first time with frost fang and panadaffodil.. I skipped the eagle.beagle task for 25 gems and got the ocean ape in my first try right after skipping the task.. go for it it is an easy story book

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    Cant breed a eagle beagle so I'm out.. at least double kites... there is actually hope to getting the other animal since this event is over for me.

  4. #34 Eagle Beagle to breed?? Nothing leading up to that like breed plant an electric so that you might end up with one, just all of a sudden you need to breed with this event is done for me....NO, I?m NOT going to spend gems to buy it and NO I?m NOT going to spend gems to skip it. To many animals to breed at the same time in very limited time and impossible goals all based on making people spend money.....BOO on S8 and Devs. Yes, I do spend money on the games sometimes as I feel they do deserve something but being greedy is another thing. If people stopped playing the events and stopped paying money then they would stop acting like we have bottomless pockets of does not grow on trees in RL!!!

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    If you are a low lvl the animal you may need could be different. It is the 3rd chapter in storybook

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    I do agree with the rest of your statements ginjetville that is why this event is done for me but don't know if I should still try for the begat or the other ones.. would still need to breed another new animal for event too. So may that one or I think there is another they brought back. Not sure though.

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    This is how the storybooks are, though; you usually have to have at least 2 creatures already to breed with. Is it usually 3 like this time, though? That seems excessive. And, like I said, I found Eagle Beagle very hard to obtain in the first place. It was over a year before I got it on my main account, don't have one on my second account, so I used 25 gems to skip. On my baby account I had a baby Mercat that I wanted to leave as a baby, but now I have to evolve him so I can use him to breed with. And I don't have a Fennec Shox on my baby account either, but maybe it won't be too hard to breed. My first try I got a Gold Lion, though, which is another one that took me over a year to get on my main account. The luck is really different between the two accounts. I'm not sure I want to cough up 75 gems to skip breeding with a Fennec Shox. I already have a Fairest Foal., and I'm really not that impressed with the Zanzebra. On the other hand, I do want those runes!!

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    Yep not impressed with this one. Ruins are good but with all the breeding I'm ok with just mining them for now unless by some miracle I get the animals I am missing.

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    hello, I don?t know whar the eagle beagle looks like. Can someone help me maybe with a picture ? thxs a lot

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    At first, I was going to ignore this story book, because I wasn't particularly excited about the creatures. But then, the Fairest Foal goal showed up, so I figured I'd try. But I think I'm back to ignoring it again, as I only have two of the required animals (Mercat and Fennic Shox). My first three attempts at the Eagle Beagle have failed. I'll keep trying for a few more days, but if I get too many days behind, it will be pointless.

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