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Thread: Festival of Color Reward not received

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    Festival of Color Reward not received

    This happened to me and at least one of my neighbors, although some neighbors received theirs.
    I completed the Festival of Color goals and two days later had still not received the Color Festival as my free reward. I closed and refreshed my iPod app several times, even deleting the app from my device and reinstalling. The Color Festival show in my decorations but not as a free or owned item, it is only available for 60 gems. Is there anyway I can retrieve this decoration. It?s a lot of work to bake all those dishes for no reward. Discouraging. Thank you

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    My response from your other post on the Goal thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by kooky panda View Post
    Please try restarting your game to see if the free one shows up. If not, please send me your support ticket number by private message and I will see if someone can check your ticket.
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