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Thread: Castle Story: 03/15 - Going Gnome + Glimmerwood Egg - final prize on your board

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    Quote Originally Posted by PikaSquirrel View Post
    The fix was intended to show the craft once to players who missed out on the craft because they purchased the Pastel Alicorn from the Market first and the Going Gnome Goal completed, it was not intended to continue showing for players who already crafted one.
    Thank you Pika

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    i crafted one ali and purchased one with gems. i am very frustrated that i could not craft a second one after purchasing tokens for gems aswell. this should be rectified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    I crafted one & then purchased one and the Ali craft is still in the Egg Workshop for me.
    I sure wish I could gift you my extra tokens!

    I knew before crafting them that I was taking a chance, so I’m not upset about it. But I only used about a dozen gems total (all freebies!) early in the event in order to sync Ivy up with other collections. And I did buy a second Ali, because my first one dropped 20 energy twice in a row. Of course the second one only dropped 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonVillage3 View Post
    The new name of this Event.. "Where's Hewitt and the missing Ali craft"

    hahaha.. yeah

    Need a poster of the gnome with the words, "FOUND walking in your kingdom"

    but wasn't there an event with a walker lately, before town square was introduced.. so it is not really a new type of prize?

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    I for one an absolutely miffed about this whole Alicorn craft screw up. I want my my gems back for speeding up Ivy. I feel duped, cheated, and utterly let down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyRissaRenae View Post
    I for one an absolutely miffed about this whole Alicorn craft screw up. I want my my gems back for speeding up Ivy. I feel duped, cheated, and utterly let down.
    By wording the response today, the way Pika chose to put it, it is obvious, they didn’t intend for the option to craft multiple alis to be available to any gamers but the ones who purchased an ali before they crafted 1 at the time the max # was 2. Notice the list of conditions in the statement.

    So translated, they pushed a fix which was a quick code, not waterproof, on top of that officially communicated the option of crafting multiples. They know they messed up on multiple levels, that is why they posted that they will not confiscate any crafted alis >1. Let’s admit, they have the right to do so.

    Essentially they unintentionally created a loophole and had to deal with it.

    Now, since this type of thing is my daily bread, I feel bad for the coders who didn’t think it through all the way. Sometimes there is just no time. I also feel bad for Pika who was given a message to broadcast, which proved problematic. All this does damage to the S8 business and the S8 ppl. But above all, I feel bad for the gamers who were mislead by a general statement (without conditions) and invested time, energy, gems, money to achieve something which was not achievable. And harvested frustration instead of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brigadoon365 View Post
    I am with you. I can't spawn a gnome from my farmhouses to save my life. 24 collections, not gnomes. Talk about a waste of energy. Getting plenty of fang beasts from every single thing though.
    Same here. I have spawned a total of TWO egging gnomes the entire game. Rest of the time it was regular beasties. What a crock :-(

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    Done at least 8 egg trades at this point. Only ONE witch's egg. No second Ali for me.

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    250 additional crowns were missed being awarded during the event. They have been subsequently awarded for completing all goals. You will have been awarded 500 crowns for completing this event.

    I am not sure if this question belongs here, in the Town Square thread or even in the Problems thread!!!
    I have tried read back to see if has been mentioned anywhere but all I found was severe eye strain and a gigantic headache.
    Having completed (for a change and to my surprise) the challenge, I read the statement about being awarded 500 crowns. I went looking for them and found the Crowns in the town square was greyed out, saying coming soon. I looked in the inventory, no joy there either. I did a hard shutdown and left the ipad overnight, still nothing. I am running the latest iOS and my game is up to date.
    Can anyone enlighten me please, then maybe my head and eyes will return to normal? What am I missing?


    I just found
    Then looked at the Town Square again. When I press on the Baron I see 1000/500 so it does seem as if the 500 are credited.
    Sorry to bother you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by absolutegetter View Post
    Done at least 8 egg trades at this point. Only ONE witch's egg. No second Ali for me.
    If it comforts you, I did not even have an option to craft a second Ali. When I finished crafting the Ali, the ption was gone and all I could craft after that is more egging gnomes.

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