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Thread: Castle Story: 03/15 - Going Gnome + Glimmerwood Egg - final prize on your board

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuckleTown View Post
    Do the gnom3 chickens drop eggs?
    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    Workshop: Attachment 42918 Attachment 42920
    Crafting animals
    chick starts at 2 each, then 3, then 4 , then 5, & finally 8 for the Ali.

    Magic Forge: Attachment 42919

    Forging tokens to craft those animals.
    Yes, but I don't need it in quest 1 and that's where they ask me to buy it! (I'm done when my token is ready and have 4 wooden gnomes! Need to collect 4 per day now so don?t waste more energy on this buggy event. I'm sure I'll not make it to the ali without spending real money, they don't give that easy...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinks1950 View Post
    I’m having the same crash issue. So, I’m going to wait an hour or so and try again!
    Nah - still crashing .

    Every time go to collect bronze token whole game crashes and shuts down.


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    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    *****Ah, geez, S8 ....

    every time I try (4 times now) to collect the bronze egg token the game shuts down!!!. I get kicked out!

    Can't get past the first goal if the game force closes & I can't collect the bronze token!
    This has been reported over.
    See bug thread:!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scavaig View Post
    Nah - still crashing .

    Every time go to collect bronze token whole game crashes and shuts down.

    Same for me!!!
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    my game crashing too lost gems

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    Just came on to report the same crashing problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyRissaRenae View Post
    The "Clear Dead Trees" is misleading. If you clear a dead tree that's already been chopped, it doesn't count. You have to chop at a dead tree 5 times to get the goal to complete.
    I think it clears when an egg drops. I had a dead tree with 2 chops left, an egg dropped, and the goal cleared.

    Doesn't look like pink chickens count this time and neither does the lovecupine.

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    Crashes only happens on the ios device. Is fine on android.

    Thought I would be clever and collected my bronze coin from my android device.
    Went back to my ipad, now the game wouldn't even open, it crashes straight after the splash screen.

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    Same problem here

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    Second goal:
    Find rulers egg
    Find trolls egg
    Find witches egg
    Trade eggs for silver egg token: 5 troll eggs, 5 ruler eggs, 1 witch egg (2 hrs)

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