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Thread: Castle Story: 03/15 - Going Gnome + Glimmerwood Egg - final prize on your board

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharmOfLea View Post
    Oh, Ivy too. Attachment 42912
    Oh ... I really don't like the 12 hour collection thing. Why can't Ivy be ten hours? 12 just means I get daily creep, and lost a collection every few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieGirl9 View Post
    So far I have:
    Troll's Egg from chopping white birch,
    Fool's Egg from stable,
    Knight's Egg from defeating Gnome that spawned from farmhouse,
    Princess Egg from chickens,
    Ruler's Egg and Dark Queen's Egg from dead trees and larkspur. Not sure which is which.
    Ruler's Egg from dead tree, Dark Queen's from larkspur
    Witch's Egg from Ivy's hut

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    I tried speeding up my trade with gems but the game crashed TWICE and I had purchased the energy so it was lost

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    Same for me on my iPad and iPhone. Not cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by meme1098 View Post
    *****Ah, geez, S8 ....

    every time I try (4 times now) to collect the bronze egg token the game shuts down!!!. I get kicked out!

    Can't get past the first goal if the game force closes & I can't collect the bronze token!

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    Why ask the game me to buy the egg workshop for trading eggs for the token if the trade is in the Magic force?

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    Opening dialog: that all those gnomes are taken care of...can sit back, relax, enjoy the breeze.
    Down here, kind ruler.
    Oh whoa, guess we missed this guy.
    Hello there Mr. Gnome...don't be scared...
    Scared of what? You returning me to the garden?
    I saw how you helped my brethren. I have come to show my appreciation!
    Oh? How kind of you.
    Yes..I have been watching you and the people of your realm.
    As a gift I decorated my most precious assets, Glimmereggs, in your honor.
    Unfortunately, my brothers got a little too rowdy...
    To keep the Glimmereggs from being broken..I hid them around the realm.
    Let me guess, you need help finding them?
    It would be greatly appreciated! can use the Glimmereggs to trade for goods.
    Gnomes find them extremely valuable for some reason.

    Visit the following locations to find Glimmerwood Eggs (7 different pictured)! : Rocket Larkspurs, Chickens, Dead Trees, White Birch Trees, Ivy's, Skunkupine, Farmhouses
    Prizes: Pastel Pig, Pastel Sheep, Pastel Chick, Pastel Calf, Pastel Alicorn, Wooden Gnomes, Crowns

    Going Gnome (14 Days): I painted the eggs in honor of your people. Find them to trade for goods. ( Pastel/white Alicorn shown in block to right)
    Find the Ruler's Egg (Clear Dead Trees) 0/1 Find Skip 8 gems
    Find Dark Queen's Egg (Tend to Rocket Larkspurs) 0/1 Find Skip 9 Gems
    Find the Princess" Egg (Feed Chickens) 0/1 Find Skip 15 Gems
    Trade Eggs for the Bronze Egg Token (Buy the Egg Workstation) 0/1 Trade Skip 25 Gems

    Rewards: 100 Coins 1 Exp 4 Wooden Gnomes

    New in the Market:
    Egg Workshop is 5,000 Coins
    Gnome Mushroom for 100 Gems (20 chops to clear) Info: Chop for the chance to find a Realm's Egg, Ruler's Egg, or to lure a Skunkupine!
    Egging Gnome Trap for 20 Gems (1 chop to clear) Info: Chop to lure an Egging Gnome!
    Pastel Alicorn (Locked Goal)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkustak View Post
    Same for me on my iPad and iPhone. Not cool.
    In the same boat — seven Times now. Seriously. Ugh.

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    Here are five of my eggs so far (because you can only attach five pics):
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image1.png 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image2.png 
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Size:	779.5 KB 
ID:	42914
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image3.png 
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Size:	781.7 KB 
ID:	42915
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image4.png 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	42917

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    Do the gnom3 chickens drop eggs?

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    Shuts down after gem speeding here too. Not cool. Edit: it sped up fine. When I go to collect the game closes.

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