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Thread: Constant Resetting???

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    I am really bored to death with this resetting isssue. I am not about to spend half an hour for smth. that takes me usually a couple of minutes. The game is bugged that I am really losing interest in playing at all. Thia Bingo ad first delaying game loading, then poppping up randomly, then you try to plant, breed, evolve, hatch, battle or play bingo and game is just rolling back no matter what you do and this is going on for over half an hour already. And it is going like this for months. Somedays it is just impossible to play.Well, it was a very cute game, but I think I am pretty close to say good bye, cause the fun is gone long ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by amerirish View Post
    Arrrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!! I'm trying to move some habitats around my island and the game keeps crashing/force closing!! This is insane!
    same for me. i already gave up trying to move habitats
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    During the most recent tournament, I won two battles against very hard opponents only to have my game crash right after and reset my win. This is soooo incredibly frustrating
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