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Thread: Trading portal

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    Trading portal

    Trading portal is no longer giving gems it's giving essence and I can't use any essence what is going on

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    Quote Originally Posted by [S8] Elsa View Post
    Please update your game to access the Codex.

    I'm glad I saw this! I knew there were changes but was getting anxious waiting for the new dragons to arrive. I am almost never on wifi so my phone doesn't do automatic updates (it only does automatic updates when I'm on wifi - I will remember to get on at work sometimes and have 20+ updates....I know I should be more proactive about that in general).

    I updated and see the essence goal. I did start trading dragons for essence so I have about 200 now.

    I have such a love/hate thing going on with this game. It frustrates me greatly sometimes when it crashes or the forever band/timed goal issue. Yet I'm excited about new dragons and completing goals.

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