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Thread: Crop dryer

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    Crop dryer

    How do I get a crop dryer? I used to play this game all the time a couple of years ago and just recently got back into it. Since I have been gone there have been a lot of new additions. One of which is the need for a crop dryer. I am not sure if I am just overlooking it or not, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere I look.

    Please help!

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    Is this the one?
    Quote Originally Posted by Rynetory2 View Post

    Purpose: Use this to dry water crops for crafts.
    Available via expansion to Water Garden.
    Maximum available: 1

    • Rice plant to rice grains (5 min)
    • Seaweed to seaweed leaves (7 min)
    • Wasabi plant to wasabi root (10 min)
    • Cranberry bush to cranberry (12 min)
    • Watercress to watercress leaves (15 min)

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    yes. I've been an idiot. I've had it all along.

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    Im the same, I played for a long time then deleted the game as soon as I came back I was thinking wheres the dryer lol Then i came here so glad to know what it is

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