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Thread: Bakery Story: March 2018

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    I'm a daily player but I don't have enough time to tip. I do send parts and prefer parts.

    add me: girlwithgreywings.

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    Please add me active gift daily and accepted request but limit tips
    Add jeena227

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    I'm a level 88 player who gifts general/ goal parts daily, also... I answer all requests. I'm a silent tipper, when I'm able. Don't care if you tip or not, only concerned with gifted parts and replies to requests. If you're active, feel free to add me.


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    Please add me. Id is BreannaMarie531

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    I'm a level 99 daily player who gifts parts and answers requests throughout the day. I tip when I have time (I'm always 2 to 3 stars) and don't care about return tipping. If your game play is similar, please add robind30

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    Level 99 player. Just did a massive delete of non-active user's, so looking for new neighbours! Add me: lovelylibrarian

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    Jun 2016
    Ontario, Canada
    3-4 Stars
    Must gift new goal parts when a goal arrives or general parts or food

    I tip everyday, and I don?t gift unless somebody requests an item. I?m not very sociable in game either, but I?ll still respond if you ask me a question or something like that, I look forward to becoming friends.


    I also play Restaurant Story on all of my accounts, please add me there too, all requirements and what I do are the same there.

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    Mar 2018
    Hello everyone I've decided to come back after a long hiatus. Unfortunately, I lost my old account which was around level 91, so I'm starting fresh. I will tip/gift daily. Anyone who is active, please feel free to add me~

    ID: oriap

    See you in game!

    I was able to recover my account, so please add the below ID instead!

    ID: pairo
    Last edited by oriap; 03-22-18 at 08:14 PM.

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    Please add me: lightningdez

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    Plesese add me, my Id: kasiulkad841
    Bakary Story and Restaurant Story

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