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Thread: Bakery Story: March 2018

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    Bakery Story: March 2018

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your IDs here. Only one post per ID please!
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    Mar 2018
    Hey guys! I silent tip every day, I always gift/gift back, and send whatever is needed for building/goals. I don't really expect the same, but help is appreciated!! My Storm8 ID is FXiiSage

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    StormID: cbak24

    Add me on Restaurant Story & Bakery Story!

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    StormID: alteredcarbon

    Add me on Bakery Story! I check my bakery multiple times a day.
    I need neighbors that will send items (or accept my requests) for goals only - and I will do the same!

    Thank you!

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    Jan 2017
    Please add me 1968Mel

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    Jul 2013
    I’m looking for daily tippers who gift basic parts or cappuccino

    I am a level 99, 4* player

    My ID is bexiboo2

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    Add me, I am Darthbane1988..

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    Hi there!

    You're Lvl 30+ and response Requests? Feel free to add me: Pinki998

    Tipping is welcome but not required. I'm a Lvl 99-Player, gift daily and response to requests of course.

    See you there!

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    Hi add me ID: inversesin

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    Mar 2018
    Hey everyone, new player here! (Actually, I played the game long ago, but decided to start the adventure anew). I could really use some friends!

    ID: Zackimi

    Hope to see you around~

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