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Thread: Restaurant Story: March 2018

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    Restaurant Story: March 2018

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your IDs here. Only one post per ID please!
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    Need me? Send me a PM
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    Add me on Restaurant Story & Bakery Story

    StormID: cbak24

    Add me on Restaurant Story & Bakery Story, I am on both multiple times a day. I accept gift requests all day.

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    Jan 2017
    Please add me 1968Mel

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    Nov 2014
    Looking for some active neighbors.

    ID: LemonWho

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    Hi there!

    You're Lvl 30+ and response Requests? Feel free to add me: Pinki998

    Tipping is welcome but not required. I'm a Lvl 99-Player, gift daily and response to requests of course.

    See you there!

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    Mar 2018
    Please ad me --> AngNickLo. I'm just starting out, and I need neighbors like big time. I play as often as I can around my work schedule.

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    No longer accepting neighbors.

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    Add me storm ID is Inversesin

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    Recently cleaned out my neighbors list and looking for new ones. Go ahead and add me if you meet what I'm looking for

    1. Level 95+ (this is non-negotiable, please do not send a request if your really low levels)
    2. You frequently answer part requests, especially during goals (even if you're not participating in that particular goal)
    3. You send current goal parts during the duration of the goal ( don't send me food during a goal, unless you can tell I've completed it. I usually display the final prize so it's easy to tell)

    My id is the same as my forum id
    BS- No longer accepting neighbors

    ⭐We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams - Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka)⭐

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    Getting back into Restaurant Story after a very long break. Level 77. I respond to requests and try to gift what you request also or I gift back what you send me. I gift parts plus cappuccino occasionally. I?m not huge on tipping so if you insist on neighbors return tipping I?m not the neighbor for you! However I silent tip occasionally.

    My ID is zipporah

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