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Thread: Intergalactic 15 day goal february 20 2018

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    I am a Scifi fan.
    But I can see a restaurant carry a space theme
    more than a bakery.
    I just see Pizza Planet from "Toy Story" and hear
    the aliens say "Ohhhhh" to Buzz Lightyear!

    The teleporter just brings fond memories of the
    original "Star Trek" to me.
    I've watched all the movies, but haven't seen any
    of the other tv series other than the original.

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    I like this :-) my place is called 'Mars' I will use most of the things :-) come fly by and say hi :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheljm36 View Post
    I'm thinking that our male neighbors will like the prizes of this goal.

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    Seems like the chairs are bigger than the tables..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breejan1987 View Post
    Thank you very much

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    I agree with kayjco, it's all pretty cool looking. And I'm usually not a big fan of outer space.

    LOVE the little robot guy. He's a welcome change for little kids holding a tray.

    The counters look like folding card tables from Walmart, but they are a pretty color LOL

    But all in all good job Storm8!
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    Post Goals STUFF

    Nova Table $17'000
    Satellite Chair $15'000
    Planetary Counter $8'200
    Deep Space Wall $5'200
    The Void Floor $18'000
    Robot Server (floor decor, 1x1) $20'000
    Tele-Transportation (goal floor decor)
    Hyperspace Rocket (goal floor decor)
    Cosmic Astronauts (goal floor decor)
    Intergalactic Stove (goal appliance) $32'000
    Interstellar Fountain (goal appliance)
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    info from my good neighbor:


    Intergalactic Stove: 6 Metal Sheet + 6 Starry Nut + 10 Planetary Gear
    - 15 Interplanetary Donuts (2h)
    - 15 Galactic Cupcake (3h)
    - 15 Milky Way Cake (7h)
    Interstellar Fountain: 8 Screw + 8 Sun Knob + 12 Gravitation Nozzle
    - 15 Celestial Sipper (1h)
    - 15 Pulsar Punch (5h)
    - 12 Nebulous Star Glo (10h)

    SIDE GOAL: Outer Space
    Prize: "Rocket On The Moon" (3x3 floor decor)

    PART 1:
    - 12 Croissant (2h / Basic Oven)
    - 6 Espresso (4h / Drink Mixer)
    PART 2:
    - 16 Berry Flan (4h / Basic Oven)
    - 8 Chocolate Milkshake (8h / Drink Mixer)
    PART 3:
    - 24 Chocolate Cherry Triffle (8h / Basic Oven)
    - 12 Hot Chocolate (16h / Drink Mixer)

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    does anyone have an idea about "Rocket On The Moon" decor?

    i cannot recall anything but "Moon Landing" from RS...

    Spoiler: show

    any other old things from bakery of this kind?

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    I?m not really into space stuff. That being said, I?m glad this is the second side goal in a row I?ll be taking a break from. Whew...

    I?m sad I won?t be using ANY of the decorations in this goal though. I?ll just be unlocking the recipes in the ovens.

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