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Thread: I got all excited today, when I got a popup asking me,to take a survey about the game

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    I got all excited today, when I got a popup asking me to take a survey about the game

    I thought, "Wow! They're asking for input! Now I can tell them my $0.02 on World Events and all the impossible breeding quests, and maybe they'll start listening to us. But it turned out to be a parade of new animal designs and they wanted to know if I liked them or not. I was very disappointed that that was all they wanted to know.
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    @Alohatami, I think it's good they asked what we like best, but I agree the survey was less than it should have been. I'm not sure it would make a difference though, as they take no notice of the event polls. The last 4 WE polls all reflect player disapproval.

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    They were all animals that have been released in the last few months. They're probably trying to gauge how many people like horses, vs deer vs birds, etc.

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