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Thread: Restaurant Story: February 2018

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    Restaurant Story: February 2018

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your IDs here. Only one post per ID please!

    [Please don't add me; I'm not taking neighbors right now!]
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    Hi there! I'm very active and help all my neighbors with items to build appliances send me your requests I will be happy to help and tip.
    ID: Tinkerbella_4ever

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    Add me

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    Add SchwiftySav ��

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    SaintPaulXV- Add me, daily active player. I will gift food/parts and expect you to return the favor.

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    Daily active player looking for active neighbours only, 2+ stars only please
    I'm a silent daily tipper and bulk gifter.
    My I'd is sallyrobinson

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    New Resident
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    Nov 2017
    Add me LCater47

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    New Resident
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    Feb 2018
    I'm a new and active player, looking for active neighbors. Add me: GalaForce

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    Add me plz Ellyscaffe

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    I?m looking for active players. I tip and gift all neighbors during the week. I tip from my wall on the weekends. I like to get and gift basic parts. Sometimes I silent tip. Please add me if you have 3-4 stars my ID is mermaidfox

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