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Thread: Bakery Story: February 2018

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    Add me

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    mddeskins - also play Dragon Story, Restaurant Story, and Fashion Story

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    Nov 2017
    Just cleaned house of all the inactive neighbors, please add me if you're active during goals and send parts.


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    hi please add me

    i gift parts often for goals but not tipping (only do when i remember)
    thank you!
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    ID: crackercaleb
    I regularly tip and send gifts, I am an active new player. Add me and I shall help you out!

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    Feb 2018
    new player here and playing regularly. need neighbors who will always send back gifts ^_^

    id: elagrv

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    Feb 2018
    New player here! Playing regularly and hyper about this game .
    Will try my best to send gifts and tips regularly!

    ID: Tintinlaw
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    I’ve recently removed my inactive / not responding to my goal requests neighbours. Add me if you take part in goals and respond to gift requests. I try & gift basic goal parts daily when not a specific goal ( if you’re not already maxed ). I also try to tip daily but not a problem if you’re not a tipper. I don’t gift food, and will decline all food gifts sent.

    ID is CafeElleCorner
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