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Thread: Bakery Story: February 2018

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    Hi please add me ruthiee007 I gift and respond to requests daily. I silent tip like every other day and from my wall. Also add lonsoc but he's a little busy during the week.

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    I'm new add ashaman1122

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    Hello Friends,
    I'm a Daily Tipper so I want Daily Tipper Neighbors too.

    If you're a Daily Tipper (Not Silent Tipper), Please Add my ID => Einanna.

    Thank you 😃

    *** If you can't visit please post on my wall or on your wall or i'll remove you for not visiting more than 2 days. Thanx ☺️

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    Hi, I have started a second bakery and would like some neighbours.
    PARTS ONLY, no food
    NO TIPPING is required and I don’t have time to tip back
    I play daily and send parts only, I fulfill all requests but don’t tip.
    Thanks for reading this, Sandy

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    Please add ashaman999
    This is my old bakery that I thought I lost for good, I will gift parts only.

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    I gift daily, visit occasionaly, all gifts are good:-) add. Loranna23

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    Looking for neighbors who gift goal parts and respond to goal part requests. I don't care about daily tipping, although I will try to tip back. Claire1745.

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    Heelo, pls add carmenjp428

    Im a pretty active player especially during goals. Tippings are welcome although not necessary. Im a parts gifter so add me if you are one too. ( no food gifting)

    Thank you

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    Looking for neighbours who gift parts (goals during goals, basic parts otherwise), like to receive parts, and who respond to requests x

    do not care about tipping/visiting/what you have cooking

    my ID is: zipporah

    see you in the cafe!

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