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Thread: Not Expecting Anything New (Update)

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    I cannot believe all the time and money I invested in this game. I am really disappointed.

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    Thank you for trying

    Quote Originally Posted by IsisGarden View Post

    I asked if there was any word on an update for us any time soon. The word is no one has heard anything. But... It's highly likely that we won't get an update anytime soon.

    Sorry guys... We won't be getting an update anytime soon.

    it's frustrating I know, but I keep asking for us.

    Just wanted to give you all an update.
    Thank you for trying. I just do not understand....

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    I have been playing since December 2011 and have sadly finally closed my shop. I have not been well and was unable to play for a few days and i found that I didn't miss it, so I've closed up for good. It's such a shame but with no new outfits or decorations, I've simply been redecorating my shop for different seasons for the last couple of years and I'm bored stiff.

    There are plenty of other games out there that are interesting and fun and have goals. This is the price storm 8 pays for ignoring its loyal players for years.

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    Why no new quests in months? Can anyone help Fashion Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Possimmina View Post
    Why no new quests in months? Can anyone help Fashion Story
    Please read post 1 on this thread.
    Need me? Send Me A Private Message

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    Level 100, mastered all available catalogues many months ago, was waiting and waiting. Fully expanded, and can't buy make up stand on Android. No old content sales for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentine's!!!! Come on, old content they couldn't put on sale???? Ridiculous. Too boring anymore. No new content in a year is their answer. They just don't want to say it. However, they continue to sell gems, which seems almost fraudulent imho.

    Speak up and out S8. Be honest and forthcoming. Show respect for your customers.

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    I feel scammed by storm 8, I've spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on this game and we've been left out in the cold. I'm ashamed to admit the amount of money I've wasted. ..SMH, makes me want to cry. I keep hanging on and hoping for some updates because I've already spent so much, please throw us a freaking bone!

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    I can understand if they needed to let the game go without any updates for a while due to lack of staff or other reasons beyond their control. But, to let it go for this long tends to give your players the reasonable suspicion that Storm 8 will be abandoning this game as well. To continue to have "Gem Sales" to draw money from players when you have no intention to continue the game sounds a bit like Unfair Business Practices.

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    I reached the level 100 milestone a year ago. I am a compulsive completist so the only reason I play at this point is to master all the catalogs. I still have 28 to go, mostly longer ones. Mastering those takes a while since I only have 32 order slots. Once that is done, unless Storm8 unexpectedly revives the game, that will be it for me. It is really a shame since this game has a dedicated following, most of us have spent good money on it, and it is the only good fashion game out there.

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    I would even be pleased for re-releases of removed catalogs and items. I'm sorry for those who have already mastered everything as there's truly nothing more to look forward to.

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