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Thread: Not Expecting Anything New (Update)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lmao7777 View Post
    Christmas Fashion Story for Android -
    It says the link is 5 years old?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lmao7777 View Post
    At least we have restaurant story and bakery story ❤️
    I will never play another one of their games! I have spent so much time and money in the passed 7-8 yrs on Fashion Story...what makes you think they will keep updating those? I?m going to shut my store after YEARS AND YEARS of playing because I?m so bored of it! It?s literally like a chore at this point...nothing new or fun to do. Sooo frustrated with this company/brand/whatever they are...I?m positive it wouldn?t take a lot to give us a few updates here and there, they just don?t care period. I?ve waited over a year and I?m over it...time to move on.

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    This is very disappointing. The only two games I love the most is bakery story & fashion story. I did love restaurant story since there?s diff nice things in there but I think they have way to many games & feel they should focus on two which is bakery & fashion story & move everything in restaurant story into BS so there?s only one bakery. We need a fashion story game for sure. If they stopped focusing on the other games & concentrated on those two games it would be good. When I read there won?t be anymore updates anytime soon it frustrated me bc I can only speak for myself I?ve been patient. I know others as well are from what I read but why have things on sale for us to buy with real cash? I thought for sure they were back updating So I bought many things when I realized it was to make money without updating. It?s so sad bc this is the only fashion game I actually love. I know many games by the company closed & FS hasn?t so I feel hopeful but to just not update the game with at least something whether to get new things maybe just a few to let us know you haven?t completely gave up. I don?t want it to close but if your not gonna keep it going then why bother having the game around. We can?t even contact to give suggestions or whatever the threads are closed u less it?s technical issues but I want to feel A valued Customer bc without us, this game wouldn?t be. The people playing are so passionate like I am. I?ve talked to some great people. It takes me as well others away from our everyday life & enjoy the game. We want to see this thrive & we are very hopeful but pls give us something. I?ve been patient way to long. Obviously if they can close the other games & not this, they must be thinking of a bigger picture which I hope to see someday if not I'll have to make a painful decision & remove the game. Please don?t give up on us. I had to express myself bc I kept this balled up to long but wanted to show you that we as customers are passionate about this game just as you. We want to feel valued so please I do hope something positive comes out of this.

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