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Thread: Need some help please

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    Need some help please

    Hi all, I have a problem in that on my game the bit that says free gems where you complete tasks to obtain gold keeps disappearing and twice now when my kids have logged into their games goals I?ve completed are being awarded to their game.
    My free gems icon appears and then disappears and I don?t know how to get it to stay.
    I?ve lost 9 gold and 11gold respectively to the kids ( their free gems icon rarely disappears) and now I have completed a slots game Worth a fair bit of gold and so if I let either kid log in I will loose it to them again.
    Any one having issues have any advice etc. Thanks for reading.

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    If you are talking about the video option to watch an earn gold, this feature is a promotional feature and is subject to change.

    If you completed the video and did not get the gold, please contact support so an agent can check your game.

    See link in my signature to submit a report.
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    Note: Due to some personal matters, I will not be on over the weekend.

    Contact Storm8 by filling out this form: support.storm8.
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    Hi Kooky, no. I’m not talking about that I’m talking about the free gems on top of a gold bar that shows up along the top next to where your food amount is displayed. Does that make sense? Any ideas thank you

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