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Thread: Ottocrat - 2018 Jan 16

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    Oof, I hope my luck doesn’t run out for this guy. Incubating a Bearon right now but it looks like this guy’s going to be a pain. It stinks that there’s a common hybrid with the same breed time as well. ): The Ottocrat is pretty cute though. I wonder what the third critter in the trio will be?
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    I've been exclusively using Rock Rhino and Frostfang. There doesn't seem to be a point to switching, since combos that work for others never work for me. (Plus, I often don't have one or both of the creatures others find success with.) I've had a few long fails in between the Rainguins (one of which still has about four hours to go). It *is* a bit mean to have a fail with the same timer as the desired outcome I did speed breed a few at first, but I won't be speeding anymore, since it's not like speed breeding increases our chances of success. It has taken me a while, but I have finally adopted a laissez-faire attitude with this game. It was either that, or stop playing all together.

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    I got a ottocrat from breeding a river runner and a cave art saber tooth
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    Finally got it (after a load of Rainguins!) with Frostfang and Rock Rhino
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    Got it with obsidian cyclops and pearl peryton!

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    No luck for me yet. I got a Dripmunk, though.

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    Since I still haven't managed Bearon, I can't even start on this guy. So I have no chance at the third in the trio either. Kind of sad, as Ottocrat is really cute.

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    I don't have the obsidian glass stone creature yet....looking for a different combo, besdes the obvious. You all Are so resourceful! I was able to get the bearon breeding the paw paw bear with the Hedgehog. thanks so much for your help and feel free to contact me if you have any other pointers because these gems are expensive. Thanks Again!!

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    What is the Ottocrat suppose to be? xD An otter maybe? It has a strange thing sticking out of it's back, heh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carolineannlv View Post
    Since I still haven't managed Bearon, I can't even start on this guy. So I have no chance at the third in the trio either. Kind of sad, as Ottocrat is really cute.
    So it is true you can't breed this one without getting the Bearon first? That is so messed up!

    EDIT! I literally just read this, went into my game because I have been breeding Rainguin with Rock Rhino for like a week straight with nothing to show for it, thought "I'll speed this up and get back to breeding for a Bearon", and what do you know....

    It was an Ottocrat!

    You don't need the first to get the second. Thank goodness! That was almost a waste of time.
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